A Holistic Approach to Treat Drug Addiction

For decades, substance addiction has become a problem that is not quite easy to solve. Many people, regardless of their age and gender, are quite prone to becoming addicts because most addictive substances have so strong addictive effect that if they try to abuse any addictive substance even only once in their lifetime, they will be addicted to it instantly. Some people who start consuming alcohol will be addicted to it after a while of binge drinking. After being addicted, they can hardly escape from their bad situation because addiction is not easy to overcome. If they are eventually aware of the danger that their addiction may cause and they finally decide to stop abusing the substance to which they are addicted, they will mostly experience painful withdrawal symptoms that prevent them from stopping their consumption of that substance. This is the reason why the number of addicts is always increasing and there is little chance for that number to decrease. Drug rehab centers are established to help those addicts so that they can overcome the pain that they experience when withdrawal symptoms occur. Therefore, only addicts who are treated in those centers have bigger chance to recover and to become sober individuals.

If you are addicted to alcohol or any other addictive substance and you want to get your addiction removed by undergoing drug rehab treatment in a drug rehab center, you have to be able to choose the right drug rehab center. There are in general two types of drug rehab center that you can find everywhere in this country. The first is traditional rehab center that makes use of medical method and the second is one that makes use of holistic method. If you expect total recovery, holistic rehab center should be your choice.

Holistic rehab center not only treats your addiction, but also trains you to become a strong person who can resist any urges to abuse drugs. Click here to find out more about this rehab center and the kind of treatment that you can undergo there

The Science Behind Dark Chocolate Health Tips

A prominent study performed by researchers at Harvard university revealed groundbreaking evidence of health benefits in women who regularly consume chocolate. The study was performed on over 30,000 Swedish women, and the results documented that women eating 1-2 servings of chocolate a week had a 32% less likely chance of getting heart disease, and 26% less for women who consumed it at least a few times a month.

With that said, we can all benefit from chocolate, but we still must monitor our intake. In fact, women who chose to increase their consumption of chocolate over 20 to 30 grams on a monthly basis during the study found that their risk of heart failure actually increased by up to 23%.

As a result, those women who take care of their portion consumption as relating to implementing chocolate into their diet will experience noticeable health benefits such as a decreased risk of heart disease. On the other hand, women who don't take care of their portion control will find that the opposite will happen. Excessive amounts of chocolate consumption will have the opposite effect due to increased fat and sugar consumption, which actually causes an increased risk of heart disease and related health conditions.

Strangely enough, a research experiment similar to this one that was performed at an earlier date on the topic and correlation between heart disease development and portion control of chocolate consumption actually discovered that an excessive amount of chocolate consumption--around 7.5 grams daily--yielded better health results. During this older study, women who consumed more of an excessive amount of chocolate actually experienced a 39% advantage of lower risk of heart disease in comparison to women who did not implement an excessive portion of chocolate into their daily diet at all.

A number of previous studies have mainly looked at how chocolate consumption mostly affects levels of blood pressure in the human body, which has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure according to a number of previous studies. The studies which have focused mainly on the correlation between developing heart failure and chocolate consumption are one of the first ones to be performed most recently. The studies of heart failure differ from those of blood pressure in that heart failure translates to a condition that involves the heart being able to inaccurately pump out a sufficient amount of blood throughout the human body.

The most crucial ingredient in order to reap all the health benefits found in chocolate is of course, the cocoa ingredient. There are plant compounds called flavanols that flourish in cocoa, which help our bodies synthesize another compound called nitric oxide. This is critical for our bodies to maintain health levels of blood pressure and ensure that our bodies continue the pump healthy amounts of blood flow. A previous study that was conducted in Italy was one of the first to research the effects of chocolate consumption on blood pressure, and of course, they concluded that these health flavanol compounds were at the direct root of the health benefits we get from chocolate consumption. These naturally occurring compounds found in cocoa are critical for us to healthy break down nitric acid compounds on a continual basis.